Bank In

How To register and start play:
(min deposit RM30, min withdraw RM50)

1. Register to get Username & Password from Admin.

2. Download software into computer or hand phone.

3. Bank in minimum RM30 to our bank..
After bank in please sms to Counter:
Username, RM, Time, Bank

4. Withdrawal/Cuci, please sms to Counter:
#Cuci, Username, RM, Name, Bank, Acc#

Withdrawal is instant transfer. After withdrawal, we will sms back to inform you.

Admin (Username & Password)
Telegram : 0176169233 (win12admin)
Whatsapp: 0173585260

Counter (Deposit & Withdrawal)
Telegram: 0129052052 (win12counter)
Whatsapp: 0187830010